Origin of The Money Gun

The Money GunsMichael Schexnayder is an entrepreneur. He is born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He started selling second-hand electronics on e-Bay at age 13. In 2008 he moved to New Orleans to study accounting at the University of New Orleans. He financed his college degree by fixing iPhones, iPads and other electronics. Michael enjoyed learning about accounting but does not foresee himself working at an accounting firm; he is too much of a free spirit.
The Money Gun was jotted down in a book of ideas long ago. Visionary creator, Michael Schexnayder, saw a need for a new, innovative way for businesses to promote their company. With the advent of 3D printing for the modern consumers, his idea was within reach.
In order to properly develop his vision, Michael needed a preliminary prototype to begin. He grabbed an old toy gun along with his handy screwdriver kit and started tinkering with the device. After a few short months and some intuitive modifications, a simple prototype was created. He showed it to a number of friends and they instantly fell in love with it.
This sparked another opportunity: The Money Gun was not just for businesses, but could also be used to add something special to any individual’s evenings.
Soon, Michael hired a professional product designer to turn his vision into reality. After months of going back and forth, Michael approved the design and sent the schematics to a 3D printing company, the first official Money Gun was born.